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Fell Awake

Drama | 16m | 2022 | Release December 26 Lift Off Festival

“My birthday was yesterday, was it not?”

'Fell Awake' explores the transience of life, time, and interpersonal relationships.

We follow our central character, Elias, during the night of his 21st birthday party and the day to follow. In this new day, time, space, and the relationships with those closest to him have changed.

“All time is immemorial. The present is the future ignored, the past not remembered;

but how can you hold on to thin air?”

Starring: Caleb Short, Pierra Van Der Wiel, Tait Ruppert, Susan Courtney, Shepsi Hader, Kyvon Edwin, Russel Sperberg

Caleb Short:  Director, Writer, Editor, Producer, Actor

Harrison Kraft: Cinematographer, Colorist

Lucas Bourgine: Production & Costume Design

Original Score: Liri Ronen

Sound Design: Vidan Hadzi-Vidanovic 

Music from Husky Loops

Angelo Chammah: Assistant Director | CJ Bruce: Sound

Charles Stork: Gaffer | Jonathan Fine: AC

Roselani Goehring: Makeup, Costume

Jesse Rolfe: Boom Operator | Ryan Cason: PA

Shadow of a Pale Moon

Comedy | 16m | 2023

Release Early 2023

Starring: Nathaniel Ansbach, Ben Hayslett, Lizzie Mears

Caleb Short: Director, Co-Writer, Co-Editor, Co-Producer

Ben Hayslett: Co-Writer, Co-Producer, Actor

Gus Aronson: Cinematographer

Stella Gatti: Production & Costume Design

Andrew Carter: Co-Editor

Sound Design: Vidan Hadzi-Vidanovic

Color Grade: Harrison Kraft

Original Music by Octavian Anton Albu 

Music from Hypnagogic Garden

Angelo Chammah: Assistant Director 

CJ Bruce: Sound |  Jonathan Fine: AC

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